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Customer references

Comprehensive information and customer consultations
A/S LIEPAJAS SILTUMS, Deputy Director S.Laimina:
“For debt collection we use services from several collection companies but the most successful cooperation we have with Balt Risk because this company offers to us the most acceptable mechanism for debt collection and always gives comprehensive information about the collection procedure and other questions which are of interest to the customer”.

High professional level
SKANDI AUTO, Director Valdis Spredzis:

“In particular we would like to note high professional level both when cooperating with Latvian partners and CIS countries.”

Customer requirements are always in the centre of attention
A/S RAUTAKESKO, Financial Director A.Kokin:

“When extending and upgrading the range of offered products, Balt Risk consults with us as consumers of these services and as a result balance is provided between our requirements and Balt Risk offers”.

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Collection application
Here you can send debt collection application.
We remind you, that this service is available only after signing of the contract.

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